Important info:


The tiny rek'-lis building is officially closed to the public. Thank you all for stopping in last weekend to celebrate our anniversary and say goodbye to the 'tiny' tasting room! 

Must read important info: Rek'-lis has launched a Kick Starter Campaign, please click on the link below. Watch the video, read our mission statement, help us reach our goal (this an all or nothing crowd funding), then share it! For this we can not express through words how grateful we are, we can only show you!

What's next...The big move and remodel has commenced! The rek'-lis crew has kicked into gear! Rek'lis' new home is in the cocoon stage currently, in just a couple of months it will be a fabulous space to hang, drink an awesome beer, catchup with old and new friends, play a little corn hole, and maybe catch live performer playing tunes. Keep checking the 'new space' tab for updates and pics. If you would like a full tour of the building. Click on this link:

In the meantime call us, check us out on Facebook, and see what will be happening next in the events section of our site. Current events and new beer posting will be frequently updated!


Rek'•lis Brewing Company is a small town brewery that makes huge beers! We know that our precious lives are short and we've decided that life's purpose is to have fun, enjoy it to the fullest, and drink good beer.  So buckle up and join us on our Rek'•lis journey.