September Spirit of the month


Balvenie peat week 14 year old

Cost: Usually $30. Guests can get it for $24 at rek’-lis.

One of the first expressions from the classic Speyside distillery made from 100% peated barley, The Balvenie Peat Week 14 Year Old is the result of a series of trials carried out by clever duo David Stewart MBE, Balvenie malt master, and Ian Millar, prestige whiskies specialist.

For just one week a year since 2002, The Balvenie team has been quietly producing the smoky stuff, and the liquid destined for this batch has been fully matured in American oak casks. The Speyside stalwart as you've never tasted it before!

Nose: Floral, tropical fruit notes with almonds and honey – and then the peat smoke comes through.

Palate: Citrus-led vanilla, peach and honey, and a gentle, almost floral peat smoke – very different to the Islay stuff.

Finish: Long and soft, with a lingering creaminess.

Overall: The unmistakable Speyside-honey character balances well with the gentle peat influence. The Balvenie reinvented – but not completely.



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