Our Vision 

Despite its tiny size, Rek'•lis already has a scene. It’s a mountain-town beer, geared toward those who live the lifestyle that Ian and Marlaina live—reckless, shameless, gung-ho, fully charged. Whenever it’s time to brew they head up into the woods with five-gallon buckets to fetch water from a “secret hippie stream.” You might say, then, that there’s an element of terroir that’s lacking in most craft beers, whose solid ingredients come from all over the world and whose water is drawn through conventional plumbing. They also see the town of Bethlehem as integral to their vision. Their plan for the coming months is to open a small taproom on Main Street, where customers will be able to sip their beer in good company with a little more elbow room and a bite to eat. “We’ll offer a few food items, but we’re going to focus on the beer. A problem with the brewpub model is that so much energy is put into the food that the quality of the beer goes down. My objective is to make beer,” says Ian. “I’ll leave the food to someone who’s passionate about food.”