Rek'-lis beer series

Check out our beer series from last year. Who knows what this year will hold in our new space so stay tuned for updates!

Up in smoke series.jpg

up in smoke series 

In an homage to Behtlehem, these smoked beers are all named after hotels in Bethlehem that have burned down.

THE BELLEVUE: Slightly Smoked and Full of Flavor - You're sure to enjoy this delicious stout. ABV: 5.7%

THE PARKVIEW: Smoked Porter

THE SINCLAIR: Smoked Red Ale


License plate series

Acronyms of real or fake NH License plates that we think are funny.

AYHTDIT (ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TURN): Free Style, Fun-Loving, Easy Drinking IPA

GN4ARIP: Inspired by a mountain biking friends license plate, we've made a session ale that you can have for breakfast and still ride fast all day. Hoppy and yummy, great with bacon and eggs.



Friends Series

We have lots of friends, and some of our beers remind us of their personalities, so we name the beer after them.

LIKE CHAD: A smooth and attractive full-bodied stout

LIKE MICHAEL: A big bold brown ale

LIKE BRENTIE: Another brown ale that keeps on going all winter long

LIKE KEVO: A session ale that goes really fast