The pre-bar space. Look,  this brewer isn't just good at making the best beer! You should see him knock tiles out of cement!



This is our first real week of remodeling! It's going swimmingly! Our current mission, create a clean slate! The design concept for the new space is..."English pub goes for a MTB ride!" It's really exciting to be in the space working, we catch ourselves acting like children, playing brewery house!

Me: "Look Ian, I'm pouring you a beer at the bar!" 

Ian: "Awesome lets christen the bar!!!" 

Stay tuned for more pics and updates, remember come get your growlers filled at the tiny brewery. Cheers! 


It's a jungle now... But soon it will be the location of Rek'-lis' new outside patio!

Update for 9/11-9/16

In other good news, we got our Federal Brewers Notice for the new space. This is a big deal and a check off the list of obstacles for licensing. Stay tuned for more updates and pics next week! tiny brewery. Cheers!