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About Nicole Knowlton

Our current featured artist, Nicole Knowlton, is a young art educator from Franconia, New Hampshire. She is an abstract painter, who identifies as being a  conceptual artist, one who is exploring with color and the organic nature of paint. Nicole creates based off of poems she has composed as well as personal experiences. Much of her recent work resembles a combination of chaos and beauty; it addresses how it is essential to have both when it comes to life and progression.

The title of her current show “Maple&Chaos”, displays this idea by showing color combinations hinting toward a sugary yet sporadic experience for the viewer; it allows one to feel the gravitational pulls from the paint.

When she isn’t in the studio, Nicole can be found, creating with the fabulous students and staff at Bethlehem Elementary School, hiking the White Mountains, or spending time with her family.

This show is dedicated to her brother Zach Knowlton, and father Scott Knowlton- Thank you for being the true two, for standing together through the chaos, to enjoy the beauty of the positive and good.