Head Brewer Ian Dowling was born in Germany where his dad served in the US Army and lived there untill he was in third grade. They moved to the US where they settled in Vermont. Since then he has lived in New England. Ian attended Champlain College in Burlington,Vermont where he got a degree in Hospitality Management and then went on to University of Vermont in Burlington to get a degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Ian has a huge passion for everything extreme. Since a child he had a dream of becoming a stuntman, and set off to Los Angeles to follow that dream. Although that dream didn't come true, he still lives his life to the extreme as an active outdoorsman; hence the brewery name Rek' •Lis.

He has worked in construction, managed hotels for almost ten years, and at the age of twenty-six he brewed his first batch of beer igniting his love for beer. In 1997 he opened his first brewery in Montpelier, Vermont, know as Golden Dome Brewing Co. He describes himself and Marlaina as the dynamic duo and together their passion for brewing beer shows that.