Rek'-Lis Brewing Company
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tickets are still available for our rek’-lis tequila & baja 4-course dinner on august 21st!

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hourS to get rek’-lis

  • Thursday: 11am-9pm (Trivia Night)

  • Friday: 11am-10pm

  • Saturday: 11am-10pm

  • Sunday: 10am-9pm

  • Monday: 11am-9pm (Pint & Pizza Night)

  • Tuesday: CLOSED

  • Wednesday: CLOSED



Our beers are ever changing. To see what’s on tap, check one of our many chalkboards at the brewery when you come in next. You can also stay up to date on what’s being brewed on our Facebook Page and Instagram.

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Events & MUSIC

Almost every night at Rek’-lis you can listen to live music. We also hold a bunch of events throughout the year so make sure to check our calendar of events to see what’s happening at Rek’-lis!

An absolutely outstanding establishment for lunch, dinner, or a fine locally crafted beer with friends. It is on the way to many adventures in the White Mountains and the shopping beyond. I highly recommend visiting at your earliest convenience. You will not regret it.
— David Hetzelt, customer

Tickets are available for our 3rd Annual rek’-lis Beer Mile on sept. 15th! Don’t wait, buy now!


Upcoming events