About Us

Rek'•lis… it's who we are. We like to think of Rek'•lis as a family… Ian and Marlaina, all four of their children, our friends, Andy and Sandy, Annie (our Rek'•lis pup, literally), and you! It all started with a thirst to create lots of something good, something fun, something challenging, and something to share! Ian, father, forever man, adventure man, fun guy, brewer, and the perfect amount of rek'•lis (any more and he may not have made it to the ever so young age of 51).

To paint you a picture… if there's a mountain in our path, we'll climb it. Put a mountain with a badass rip roaring trail to the top and we'll ride it. Put a pile of snow on it and we'll skin ourselves to the top just to rip down to the bottom as fast as those big ole floaty skis can fly. At the end of it all, give us a beer. We'll drink it, and then we'll want to brew a better one! It’s that simple, the never ending quest to quench the ‘thirst’, whether it’s on a bike, skis, or in a glass. This it where the passion comes from, it’s what rek'•lis is, this is us, and now it’s you... 

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If you love a great story, next time you stop by the brewery to fill your empty growler, or experience Rek-lis' delicious beer for the first time, be sure to ask the dynamic duo about their crazy story!



Contact us for any questions:

Ian- 603-370-1932